Bridging The Gap between Diversity Engagement & Utilization and Public Sector Projects

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What We Do

Simply paying “lip service” about the community engagement portion of a project proposal does not match the efforts of a truly thought-out engagement strategy. A partnership with DeuXesp will provide a transforming benefit to Public Sector customers that will either meet or exceed the customer's diversity requirements and expectations.

We partner with our clients to create customized programs that educate, engage, and empower teams, and their Public Sector customers to provide more diversity and inclusion with confidence, intention, and sustainability.

Pillars for Success

Strategy and Consulting

Our experts consult with your team to evaluate your organization's current DEI subcontractor and community engagement practices. After a thorough assessment, we create a unique plan before direct implementation. We do this through Business Resource Group (BRG) discussions, analyzing current vendor lists along with any company focused initiatives to create a DEI engagement and utilization strategy that can be replicated for future use.

Research and Qualification

Successful DEI strategies are driven internally and externally with internal “buy-in” first. Our dedicated team conducts research to assess DEI sentiment, and subcontractor expectations and requirements to successfully vet and list diverse suppliers qualified to be included in your energy services project. Our team will also work with your Public Sector customers to identify any applicable local resources and community partners to include in the engagement and utilization strategy.


We provide customized copy to support presentations, proposals and interviews. Following a project award, we can also provide copy for business/use cases, and conduct post engagement surveys with your client. In person support for presentations, and interviews is available for an additional fee. Additional marketing content and support such as video interviews, press releases, conference participation, ground breaking ceremonies, etc. can also be provided upon request.

Note from the Founder

"With over two decades of professional experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work for and learn from some of the top earning companies in their industries. Through some of the multi-million dollar project awards, I have witnessed these organizations, on occasion, provide jobs and generate revenue for the local community. However, there was always an opportunity to provide more diversity and inclusivity with these project awards. This understanding led me to realize the value companies can provide when they collaborate with their Public Sector customers to create a strategy that provides more diversity and inclusion in a project utilizing local resources and the community."

Taneshia Marshall

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Benefits to Engagement

Why Diversity is important to the Public Sector Customer

DEI has been a major focus for local governments in recent years as they actively explore better ways of bringing new perspectives into governance, addressing past inequities, and striving to make the public sector more representative of the communities in which they serve.

- Thomas Reuters

Having a Diverse team can bring new ideas , perspectives, and experience while also creating a competitive advantage to the proposing project team and organization.


Localities of all sizes around the world are pushing for more inclusive policies, a better understanding of local opportunity gaps, and more diversity in arenas traditionally dominated by one group. To do so, they are revisiting former priorities with a new equity-minded lens.


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